Hello from Kimberly!

Hello Loves!

Welcome to my new website KimberlyElise.com!

For a long time, I’ve wanted to share a space where I can connect better with the people who have been supporting my work over the years.

But even those of you who have been riding hard with me since the “Set it Off” days, you may not REALLY know me…

Come get to know who I am: actress, mother, daughter, friend, filmmaker and (of course) human being.

I look forward to introducing you to my passions and lifestyle, how I keep in shape, how I care for my natural hair, and so much more. I get real about relationships, offer some life and career advice, share my favorite recipes, and even offer glimpses of my behind the scenes “on-set” adventures with my fantastic friends (some of whom you know J). Plus so, so much more.

Ultimately, I am here to offer you positivity, inspiration, support and (more than anything) love. I’m endlessly excited to share my world with you. Here we go ya’ll!

Love and Light,


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